Unleashing your content's full potential with AI Technology.

Sonnant’s generates valuable and usable metadata from all of your content. This powers your content in every facet of digital distribution and monetisation.

Sonnant has a proven track record of helping large scale organisations and publishers around the world digital media owners monetise their content and increase their audience and earnings.

Audience Targeting
Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is essential to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. It leads to:

  • Increased effectiveness
  • Appeals to preferences and behaviour
  • Higher engagement and conversion rates
  • Identifies most engaged / valuable audience
  • Optimises content for different platforms.
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Mentions and Media Monitors

Media monitoring is an essential tool for staying informed and on top of brand mentions.

  • Helps identify coverage and sentiment of brands and competitors
  • Allows for tracking potential customers
  • Provide insights for content creation strategy
  • Identify potential partnerships / opportunities
  • Measure effectiveness of PR / marketing.
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Brand Safety and Suitability

Brand safety and suitability protect your brand’s reputation and ensure ads align with your values.

  • Helps identify and avoid inappropriate and potentially harmful content
  • Protects brand reputation and image
  • Align with brand values and target audience
  • More control over ad placements 
  • Increase advertising yield and CPM
Ai Technology
Distribution & Discovery

Automated clipping and posting is an efficient way to maximise content reach and engagement 

  • Transform long-form content
  • Makes content easily consumable 
  • Improve discoverability by making it shareable
  • Increases the lifetime value of content
  • Allows for easy repurposing of content across multiple platforms and channels.
Ai Technology
Sponsorship Management

Air checks and mention reporting provide insight and accountability for sponsorships and partnerships.

  • Provides valuable insights for optimisation and renewal of partnerships
  • Helps measure ROI and effectiveness of sponsorship investments
  • Identifies issues / opportunities to improve
  • Enhances sponsors / partners transparency

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