Sonnant’s AI audio editing scales your content into audiograms in seconds

In this blog post, we’re going to share how Sonnant’s AI audio editing makes your content into audiograms in seconds:

How artificial intelligence (AI) can help turn long-form audio and video content into short-form social media clips and snippets.

I know what you’re thinking: “So, I’m not a writer. I’m not an audio editor. So, what does artificial intelligence do for me?”

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you create audio content in a way that is both easy and fast: by listening to voice recordings and using the information from those recordings to create short-form content automatically, without you lifting a finger. Yes, that’s right. It is all automated. 

A few years ago, artificial intelligence was still a dream. Now it’s here — ready to help make it happen. Sonnant’s ai audio editing can turn your content into audiograms in seconds.

What does artificial intelligence mean?

Artificial intelligence is the ability to learn and reason in a way that is not achievable by humans. It does this through pattern recognition, machine learning and deep learning – all supervised artificial intelligence techniques. Machine learning is dependent on humans to train the algorithms whereas deep learning is more automated and multi-layered. 

The goal of machine learning is to teach computers how to learn from data sets. Artificial intelligence can also be used in many other fields such as security, finance, healthcare and more. AI is already being incorporated into our daily lives via speech recognition (eg Siri or Alexa), virtual chatbots, computer vision (eg cars, photo identification), automated trading algorithms, search recommendations and many more. 

Sonnant’s AI works by learning what your content is about. It listens to the contents of your content and then shares it with you in a variety of ways. 

But before you can use it to do anything meaningful, you need to know what AI is, what it is capable of, and how to tell it apart from other tools.

How can artificial intelligence be used to turn long-form audio content into short-form social media clips and snippets?

Video has evolved from being a passive visual medium into a powerful storytelling tool over the past 20 years. it’s obvious that audio is able to do a similar thing with as much if not more impact. 

AI can support your business in producing sharable content for social media you use, and then help create posts for the distribution of that content.

  • Create social media posts faster. AI can use historical and trending data to learn what works and what social media post to share next, then help you produce posts at scale.
  • Develop the right messages for each platform. AI can automatically develop creative and messaging in your brand voice across platforms, including on Facebook and Instagram to increase social media engagement.

A number of AI-powered tools exist to deliver social media content:

  • Determine what to post for maximum effect. 
  • Find products, brands in posts online using audio recognition and air-checks.
  • Find the right hashtags at scale across social networks.

The benefits of using artificial intelligence to turn long-form audio content into short-form social media clips and snippets.

Converting audio content into a social media video clip is usually done quite quickly. 

AI writing technology uses algorithms to analyse data on the topic from millions of websites. The software program (or “algorithm”) processes it, applies grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and other language rules to make it feel like it was written by a human.  

Here is an example workflow of Sonnant’s ai audio editing that scales your content into audiograms in seconds:

1. Choose a short, simple thumbnail (for easy identification)

2. Let Sonnant automatically suggest multiple audiograms from a long-form piece of content 

3. Review the audiogram content

4. Publish the audio to the social media platform (e.g., Facebook or Instagram).

5. Now, you have a social media clip with an audio file that’s been converted into an image — perfect for sharing on Twitter or Facebook or any other platform where images are popular and text isn’t. You can also upload it to YouTube for your own channel, or to any other site where videos are popular (e.g, LinkedIn). 

That’s exactly what Sonnant’s AI software is designed to do — help your team to produce, share and scale your content to your audience in a fast, efficient and easy way. 

More and more brands and companies are adopting AI to their social media campaign strategies and staying ahead of the competition with automated audiograms.

So, if you’re looking for help with your audiograms, Sonnant is the best place to start. 
Give Sonnant a try to create content quickly and scale your content marketing strategy.

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