Why making a podcast is your brands creative superpower

To know why making a podcast is a great idea for you and your business let’s dive into what is a podcast? 

Many podcasts explore niche subjects and can be of any length, from a 1-minute news update to a 3-hour in-depth interview. They can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly (whatever you choose, be consistent). They can be in any format, from a solo presenter to an audio drama filled with actors. 

With audio being the new battleground for attention, making a podcast allows your brand to share your important messages with style and creative flair… making your podcast, your brand’s creative superpower. 

Why use a podcast to showcase your creativity and brand?

The Internet is the greatest invention we’ve ever known. It’s also the greatest gift we’ve ever given to humanity. Today, you can do whatever you want online without setting foot in a physical location. We’ve gone from far-flung trading posts to near-universal access to recording, uploading and sharing content that has never been possible before.

As a result, more people have found their own expression through podcasting than any other medium.

At its most basic, a podcast is a stand-alone audio file created and recorded by someone who wants to share information with other people on their phone or computer without having to listen to it in an actual physical space: someone who wants to engage with others through sound rather than text or visuals.

But what exactly does this mean? So many different things can be considered podcasts: talks and lectures produced by professors for their students, recordings of different types of art (comedy, poetry etc), in-depth discussions of movies or pop culture, children’s learning games and activities, daily news updates, long-form audio comedies or dramas… The list is endless.

But there is one thing they all have in common: they are recorded and shared by people who want to reach out to other people online — those who have no way at all of physically interacting with them in the real world. Podcasts are therefore part of the human experience; they are about connecting with others online; communicating ideas; being creative; about interacting with others — all while making your own words available for anyone who chooses to listen; all while making it feel very personal as though you were somehow speaking directly into their ear instead of just sending them an email or filling out an online form where they could read your message after clicking “send.”

This is why making a podcast is your creative superpower and why so many people choose podcasts as a medium for sharing information: it feels like it should be easier than writing letters or emails or even just talking face-to-face — like you had such amazing insight into something that you wouldn’t mind passing along! And at the same time, it feels like there are no limits because everyone could potentially be listening. It’s like being able to touch someone’s life! You’re allowing them that intimacy that would otherwise only exist if they were physically present! It’s inviting them into your world! A world where words travel across great distances faster than any material object could be shipped across.

What are the benefits of using a podcast to showcase your creativity and brand?

There are several reasons why many people love podcasts. They’re easy to listen to, they have a very low start-up cost since you can download them and it’s free! They’re also a great way to teach or inspire others about something as well as share your own thoughts and experiences. Making a podcast is your creative superpower.

Unlike other mediums, podcasts are not beholden to the traditional structure of television or radio. You don’t need a script because there is nothing that needs to be delivered in the traditional sense. Podcasts can be recorded anywhere from your laptop at home, in front of your TV, or on an iPhone or iPad.

A podcast is a great form of entertainment for those who enjoy listening to their daily dose of news, sports, social media news and more.

How can a podcast help grow your business?

Podcasting has the potential to propel your business in a completely different direction. The benefits of podcasting are numerous and highly relevant to any business.

Podcasts are an ideal way to reach a large and diverse audience, one that you can use as a marketing tool and/or revenue stream.

They’re also a perfect way for you and your business to connect with potential clients, customers, prospects and partners. They’re a great platform for networking too. Making a podcast is your creative superpower.

After all, who doesn’t love talking about the things they do? Podcasts are not only great for listening to but also for reading, viewing or sharing on social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in reading more about why making a podcast is a great idea for you, here is an article from Founder and Executive Producer, Josh Butt, on how making a podcast is beneficial to audience engagement. 

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