Maximise Podcast Revenue with Programmatic Advertising

The Rise of Programmatic Advertising for Podcasts

Programmatic advertising is rapidly becoming a popular method for monetising content in the podcast industry. By automating the buying and selling of ads, programmatic advertising makes it possible to place targeted advertisements within specific podcast episodes based on a variety of factors including audience demographics, episode content, and ad inventory availability.

For podcast producers and publishers, programmatic advertising provides a new revenue stream, but many struggle to maximise this opportunity. This is because creating markers for mid-roll ads and adding brand suitability and contextual tags is a manual and time-consuming process. As a result, many producers and publishers miss out on the potential revenue that programmatic advertising can bring.

Smart AdMarkers: A Solution to Maximise Revenue

Sonnant has developed a solution to this problem by creating Smart AdMarkers. Using machine learning models, Sonnant automates the creation of markers and tags them with contextual targeting information such as IAB category and brand suitability. With user-defined parameters for ad marker frequency and number of ad slots per marker, you have control over the balance between listener experience and the level of advertising desired.

Sonnant’s machine learning algorithms extract data from your content to determine the best points in the podcast to insert markers. This allows you to increase your podcast’s ad inventory and attract premium ad rates with contextual targeting information for advertisers in just minutes. This process can be applied to both new episodes and archives, providing a new source of revenue from your existing content.

Significant Return on Investment

Our research shows that even with modest listener numbers, content with Sonnant’s Smart AdMarkers generates substantial advertising revenue and provides a 15-20x return on investment for publishers. To help you understand the potential revenue that Smart AdMarkers can bring to your podcast, we have created a calculator that allows you to model your potential returns and build a business case.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximise your podcast’s revenue with programmatic advertising. To learn more about Sonnant and our Smart AdMarkers, please contact us at for more information.

In conclusion, programmatic advertising for podcasts offers a new revenue stream for producers and publishers, but many struggle to maximise this opportunity due to the manual process of creating markers and adding brand suitability and contextual tags. With Sonnant’s Smart AdMarkers, you can automate this process, increase your podcast’s ad inventory, attract premium ad rates, and generate substantial advertising revenue with just a few clicks. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your podcast and increase your revenue, contact Sonnant today!

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