Sonnant Product Updates for Q1!

Hi Tony here, with a short product update! 

You’ve told us that you want AI-powered monetisation 💸 tools for your audio and video content. You also wanted more power 🦾 in your content library and more Sonnant integrations 🔗.

Well, we’ve delivered for you (again!) in abundance this update ⏱.

You already know that Sonnant’s game-changing AI technology transforms your audio 🎧 and video 🎥 strategy, creativity and discovery so your content flourishes. 

Now you can mine your content for inventory insights, simplify your sponsor management with air-checks, integrate with your publication platform for efficiency and much more 🎉.

Here are the highlights:

  • IAB Categories: The best IAB Categories 🎯 are automatically added to uploaded content. We’re using chapter information, topics of conversation and their relevance to the define IAB Categories (version 3.0) and determine the best matches. These suggestions are editable too. This is a massive leap forwards for AI and your content.  
  • Ad markers 🏷: Ad markers are a key component of dynamic ad insertion. Sonnant inserts ad markers based on your preferences; time between ads or the total number of ad markers. We analyse many attributes to automate this process including: the conversational flow, host and interviewee detection, question and answer linking, changes of topics, changes of chapters, pauses in speech and the speech energy. Wow!!!!
  • Collections 🗄: Content items can now be grouped together into collections. Our collections work like Google / Apple Photo Albums. An item can be in one or multiple collections and removing an item from a collection does not delete it from the library. Also, if you have multiple shows / RSS feeds, you can subscribe each show to its own collection….[mic drops 🎤 and crows gasps] 👋🏽
  • Omny Studio integration 🔌: You can now link your Omny Studio account to Sonnant. Any automatically generated summaries, key terms, chapters and ad markers created by Sonnant will be sent back for you to access and use in Omny Studio. 

Post to Instagram 📱: You can now also post and share clips directly to Instagram.

Gif 3

There are masses of further AI improvements and features in this March 2022 release, including:

  • Long duration files: Content items with a duration greater than 4 hours can now be uploaded. 
  • YouTube large files: Long duration or high-resolution YouTube uploads are now supported. Sonnant will automatically choose the highest supported resolution.
  • Upload timeout increased: Computer timeout has been increased so that large files / slow internet connections, do not cause upload to timeout.
  • Select all: A “Select All” option has been added to allow you to quickly select all items.
  • Chapter marker visualisation: The chapters are now shown on the play-bar whenever the chapter metadata layer is displayed.
  • AI chapter model: Newly trained models for chapter summary improves the quality of titles, chapter breakpoints and suggested IAB categories.
  • Multi-item air-checks, combined clip: You can now create a ‘Combined Clip’ from multiple content items when using multi-item airchecks/mentions reports.
  • Multi-item export: Select multiple items in the library and then choose to export into your chosen format. All of these items will be zipped and exported in one quick action!
  • Multi-clip export: Now you can zip and export all the clips of one file in one quick step.
  • Multi-Item ‘rerun-AI’: Access the new functions/layers by re-running AI over existing content items. Now perform this action over multiple items in a single step. NOTE: The Rerun AI function is only available to subscription and enterprise customers.

Contact us for more information on how you can access these incredible AI-powered voice content management tools. Or, sign in to your Sonnant library to keep using. Please keep your feedback and great suggestions coming.  Best Regards  Tony Simmons | CEO

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