Sonnant Product Updates for Q2!

Hi Tony here, with a short product update!

You already know that Sonnant makes management, discovery and search of your content library easy 🎧🎙

In this update, we’ve added a bunch of new features and improvements 🪄

 Here are our top 5 recent updates that we’re especially excited about:

  • Brand Safety: “Sensitive Topics (v9i3On)” IAB Category and all children categories will be marked with an alert symbol both ”⚠️ “on the edit transcript page and in your library allowing for easy identification of content items covering sensitive topics. Improved category detection will be coming in future releases.  

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 3.33.17 pm

  • Inventory: A new ‘Insights’ tab on the library page will provide a deep understanding of your content. We’ve started a Top 20 for key terms, locations, nationalities, IAB categories, organisations, people and places. It’s all real-time and will auto-update as you update.
  • Search and filter: A new level of advanced search is at your fingertips. You can now search/filter by upload date, content type, duration, speaker name or any tag layers. Importantly, you can now search collections 🗂 and clips!!!
  • Watch lists: Whenever a term, topic, brand, competitor, person or anything at all, is mentioned in your content, have an email notification sent to you, your team or your client.
  • YouTube channels ▶️:: It is now possible to load multiple items at once from a YouTube channel. Simply paste the YouTube channel URL and select the items you want to upload. Currently limited to the last 500 items in the channel. 💭

April release

There are lots of other improvements and enhancements too:

  • IAB categories: There have been many changes to the way that IAB Categories display on the Edit Transcript and Public Player pages: new layers, colour coded for confidence + IAB detection by chapter.
  • Air-check transcripts: The transcript related to a mention are now included on the mention report modal. This allows mentions identification without multiple previews. 
  • Mention report URL: The URL included in a mentions report now includes a time parameter. By clicking the UR, you’ll be transported to that point in the content item.
  • Collection searching: Open a collection and then search/filter within that collection. 
  • Upload to a collection: When you click the upload button while viewing a collection, you will now be able to upload directly to that collection.
  • Ad markers: The creation of ad markers will now run for all subscriptions. You can adjust your ad-marker rules under the “Preferences” menu.
  • Library sorting: When changing the sort order in the library, it will now apply across the entire library rather than just the current page.

Contact us for more information on Sonnant. Or, sign in to your Sonnant library to keep using.

Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming! 

 Best Regards  

Tony Simmons | CEO

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