Why video podcasting explodes listener growth

Did you know video podcasting is essential for your podcast listener growth? Video podcasting attracts a wider audience of potential listeners and keeps your new audience engaged. And when uploaded to YouTube, it can lift your show’s discoverability too. Plus, there are many other benefits to video podcasting. Such as inspiring the creative process in developing new and fun formats for your show, or testing out new formats. 

Video podcasting doesn’t have to be intimidating, even if you haven’t tried it before. There are tools that can support your content creation and aid discoverability. Read on for our quick tips below on how to create videos for your podcast.  

Amazing benefits of using video podcasting 

There are a lot of benefits you can get from using video in your podcast. It can be very useful in promoting an idea, product, or service. It can also help with advertising to increase sales and reach audiences that would never have heard of your product or service before.

The other benefit is that it can also be used for marketing purposes. YouTube is a great platform for marketing, it works brilliantly well in attracting customers and growing your audience. With billions of bits of video, billions of users and visitors every day, your audience is global and waiting for you to post on YouTube.

How to use video in your podcast like a boss

Video podcasting is a superb tool to promote your podcast and the more that you offer in-depth content, the better. Video podcasts are also an excellent way to promote your podcast and build additional distribution channels for your content.

The audio version of your podcast can be easily seen as a trailer or an introduction, or an advertisement, and the video then becomes equally valuable for any podcaster who wants to tap into the potential audience that exists within the video format on massive video platforms.

The best video podcast tools and platforms

YouTube is the largest video platform on the planet, with more than 4 billion views of videos uploaded to their site every month.

There are videos of everything: breakdances, comic strips, funny cats and dogs, and more. All of it is freely available to view by anyone. There are other platforms out there for professional content creators but YouTube has become an important part of our digital experience and must be included in any digital marketing strategy.

The growth of video as a medium has been one of the most interesting and exciting developments in the social media and podcasting space over recent years. What started as a tool for video bloggers and vloggers has evolved into an industry-wide phenomenon that goes far beyond just broadcasting your personal life to millions of followers.

As we’ve seen with other forms of online content such as blogs, sites like Twitter and even Facebook have been taking inspiration from traditional broadcast media such as television to attract a wider audience. It’s important to note that you can use these platforms almost interchangeably depending on how they work best for you or your business, but certainly, if you need some extra help with your videos why not consider posting to YouTube?

It should come as no surprise that you can use YouTube for almost every kind of digital marketing activity including building brand awareness, engaging with customers/prospects and generating traffic/visitors so whether you want to use this platform for SEO purposes or just want some extra help with video reach. 

Video podcasting is easy and fun

It is well known that podcasting via social media has become universally popular. The reason for this is simple: it is much easier to present a collection of ideas and messages than an article written word for word. By providing a broad message, you can reach a much larger audience with your blog or website. Video podcasts are no exception. They can be low-cost and highly effective for reaching a greater audience.

 “Why is video podcasting essential for listener growth?”. Well as you have read, the answer is quite simple – they make your podcasting process more enjoyable to listen to! If you want to grow your podcast audience, investing in podcasting video will help you do so at a much faster pace.

When watching great podcast videos online, it is as if time has stopped – it seems as if everything around us is muted into the background so that everything becomes clearer, louder, more focused on what’s happening in front of us rather than being engulfed by all the noise around us. Video podcasting allows you to reach this level of engagement with not much extra investment at all. 

If you’re a podcaster already and want to use video podcasting as part of your distribution strategy, but lack time or know-how to get started, why not give Sonnant a try?

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