Revenue growth for publishers, contextual targeting for advertisers

Sonnant transforms the way that publishers and advertisers connect.  Our solutions automates critical tasks, solves demand-side challenges for publishers and streamlines ad buying for advertisers. Experience superior targeting, enriched sales & marketing data, with simplified, lower-cost, processes. 

Maximise revenue

IA Strategy Made Simple

Automate ad ops

Reduce manual work with AI automation, improving efficiency and accuracy in ad operations and yield management.

Optimise inventory

Extract the total value from every piece of audio content. Makes it easy for teams to sell more advertising with higher-value ads.

Superior targeting

Access contextual, enriched, actionable data through AI, driving precision targeting to reach the right audience at the right time.

Innovation meets audio expertise

Brand suitable ad markers and targeting
Data driven and actionable sales insights
Maximise every single impression with yield ops

Sonnant Success

A transformative digital approach to audio at scale

Take your digital advertising to the next level and maximise the outcomes of every single listen.

Solving Demand-Side Challenges for Publishers. Simplifying Programmatic Processes for Advertisers.

Structure your audio future with Sonnant’s data. Imagine liberating precious hours that were once devoted to manual tasks whilst creating data to turbocharge sales, marketing, distribution and revenues.

Stop leaving money on the table

Data to turn the volume up on your audio