Advanced audio data solutions

Sonnant is a platform that will redefine your approach to audio data. Unleash the untapped potential of your audio content to fuel revenue growth and deliver massive efficiencies across your audio publishing lifecycle.

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IA Strategy Made Simple

Unleash efficiency

Instantly reduce costs in each business unit involved in audio production and distribution. Incredible automation led efficiencies.

Amplify revenue

Extract the total value from every piece of audio content. Makes it easy for teams to sell more advertising with higher-value ads.

24x7 promotion

The best clips & snippets found and distributed around-the-globe, around-the-clock! Audience growth by 31% in < 6 months.

Revolutionise the way you harness audio data

Creates brand safe & brand suitable ad markers
Turns spoken words into actionable sales insights
Uses AI marketing precision to grow your audiences

Sonnant Success

A transformative digital approach to audio at scale

Elevate your impressions, listens and downloads, the lifeblood of monetisation for all audio formats

Transform audio data into a revenue-driving force

Structuring your audio future with Sonnant data. Imagine liberating precious hours that were once devoted to manual tasks whilst creating data to turbocharge sales and revenues.

Amplify efficiency and stop leaving money on the table

Data to turn the volume up on your audio