Broadcast to podcast – 3 easy steps with Sonnant that creates unbelievable new inventory

Broadcast to Podcast: Maximising Your Content Potential

If you’re in the world of radio broadcasting or streaming, you’re sitting on a goldmine of content that can be repurposed and monetised effectively. The key to unlocking this potential lies in seamlessly transitioning from broadcast to podcast. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Sonnant, an innovative audio technology platform, is revolutionising this process and helping broadcasters make the most out of their content.

Sonnant: Turning Audio into Data

Before diving into the broadcast to podcast transformation, let’s get acquainted with Sonnant. Our platform specialises in turning audio into valuable data. This data is then leveraged to automate various workflows throughout the audio publishing lifecycle, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Sonnant doesn’t stop at just data extraction; it goes further by enhancing content discoverability, helping advertisers target their messages effectively, and, most importantly, enabling generative AI capabilities. This means you can create new shows, repurpose content, and explore a multitude of revenue-generating opportunities.

Unlocking the Power of Broadcast to podcast Content

Now, let’s delve into the real game-changer: converting your broadcast content into engaging podcasts. Whether you’re in the realm of traditional radio or streaming services, if you can access your content through an API, Sonnant can work its magic.

Here’s how it works (with more details, see this Deep Dive):

1. Metadata Extraction: Sonnant’s sophisticated algorithms break down your audio content, providing transcripts and categorising content into different segments.

2. Content Segmentation: These segments are then divided into various categories based on their relevance and significance in the broadcast.

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- **Green**: High-confidence segments with significant content focus. - **Yellow**: Segments with some relevance but not as prominent. - **Red**: Less significant segments, often related to time-sensitive topics.

3. Segment Identification: Sonnant’s algorithms even identify and distinguish different segments like music, weather updates, and caller interactions. This step is crucial for ensuring your podcast content is concise and relevant.

4. Music Licensing: For broadcasters, music licensing can be a complex issue. Sonnant automatically identifies music segments, allowing you to manage music licensing more efficiently.

5. Ad Detection: If your broadcast includes ads read by hosts, Sonnant can identify these segments as well. You can choose to remove them or insert programmatic markers for future monetisation.

Tailoring Your Podcast Content

The real beauty of Sonnant’s approach is that it doesn’t just cut and paste your broadcast into a podcast. Instead, it empowers you to curate and tailor your content for podcasting success.

Imagine your broadcast features segments on traffic updates, live caller interactions, weather reports, and music. For a podcast, you may want to exclude the live caller interactions, as they are time-sensitive. Similarly, you might need to trim music segments due to licensing constraints.

With Sonnant, you have complete control over which segments make it into your podcast, ensuring that your content is highly relevant and engaging for your podcast audience.

The Bigger Picture: Beyond Broadcast to Podcast

While the focus of this blog has been on transitioning from broadcast to podcast, Sonnant’s capabilities extend far beyond this. It’s all about automation and maximising the potential of your audio content.

The same technology that identifies segments for podcasting can be applied to various other scenarios. For example, it can be used to spot host-read ads in your content, helping you transition to a programmatic advertising environment seamlessly.


Sonnant’s groundbreaking technology is a game-changer for broadcasters looking to capitalize on their content in the podcasting world. By seamlessly transitioning from broadcast to podcast, you can unlock new revenue streams and reach a broader audience.

If you’re eager to explore the full potential of your audio content, don’t hesitate to connect with Sonnant. Their platform offers a range of features and integrations that can streamline your workflow and amplify your content’s impact.

In the ever-evolving audio landscape, Sonnant is your trusted partner in maximising the value of your content, one segment at a time.

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