How to build a bigger podcast audience with transcriptions


Every podcast needs transcriptions. Transcriptions improve the depth and quality of your show’s experience for your audience. But transcriptions can do more for you too. Transcriptions are a great way to improve your show’s ranking on searches and transcriptions increase your show’s discoverability. Read on for Sonnant’s six key points to consider when using transcriptions to build your audience. 

Discovery with Search and SEO

Google processes 5.8 billion searches a day. If you have created incredible video and audio podcasts, but if it doesn’t have text, it can’t / won’t be indexed. So, when people search, this content won’t be found. Transcripts and captions create a way for search engines to find your content, create links and create SEO

Accessibility with transcriptions

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 1 in 6 people (500M) suffer from some sort of hearing loss. Video captions and transcripts are essential for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand your podcast and be able to access and search for information. 

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the key marketing pillars for podcast growth and transcription is now the essential tool for content marketing. With transcription at your fingertips you can turn long-form video and audio content into searchable, SEO ready content, that can underpin any short-form marketing, e.g. Facebook posts, blogs, or short videos with key quotes. It’s a promotional dream come true, and it really does help build a bigger podcast audience.

Blog your pod

 With podcast transcriptions, you can turn your pod into a blog in no time at all. It’s easy to compile compelling questions and answers, or pull out key chapters and make a more structured post with headings and body sections. Turning your podcast into a blog allows you to reach more people, and this will bring more people to your podcast content and grow your audience. 


 A podcast transcript can help you reach people in different countries who speak different languages. With services like Google translate you can upload text and convert it to a myriad of different languages in seconds. If you only have an audio podcast, translation is almost impossible (or expensive) and leaves out a potentially global audience.

An archive library of content

If you have podcast transcriptions, it is incredibly easy to search and find relevant content. This means you can join the conversation with old content again and again and again. Archives are one of the key answers to how to build a bigger podcast audience with transcriptions. In fact, with Sonnant archival revival, Sonnant automatically creates publishable clips from your archive when your content is “trending” and relevant on social platforms. 

Okay, so now you need a solution that can transcribe, caption, and make all your content searchable, readable, and easy to find. Not only must this solution save you time, but it must also save you money, add value, make you look good and help you build your podcast audience. 

Sonnant generates transcriptions from your RSS feed. But it also does much much much more. 
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