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Sonnant and PodcastDb announced overnight that they are combining their amazing data into an podcast advertiser focused, podcast directory, the 1st of its kind.

Tony Simmons, CEO of Sonnant, says “We have spoken with advertisers and brands all over the world. They want to spend money in audio, and podcasting in particular as a complementary, essential marketing channel. But big shows are sold out, or too expensive, smaller shows (or the long tail) are too abundant and hard to strike deals with each show. So, that money isn’t realised in the audio industry. Collectively, we will provide advertisers, of all shapes and sizes, a seat at the table”

“This dynamic fusion of Sonnant and PodcastDb heralds a new era for the podcasting industry, where innovation and collaboration converge to redefine the advertising landscape.” says Miguel Gonzalez, CEO of Podcast Db.  “This partnership empowers hosts with audiences of all sizes to streamline revenue generating opportunities. Additionally, it empowers a podcast advertiser to amplify their impact, with a more targeted approach. We believe this is the North Star of the podcast advertising ecosystem.”

Founder of Podcast Db George Lejnine says “We built PodcastDb to be the definitive podcast database focused on making industry professionals’ lives easier. Our partnership with Sonnant will supercharge agency workflows. Advertisers will be able to seamlessly find and buy into far more relevant podcasts. In turn, podcasters will be able to turn a hobby into a profitable business.”

These companies understand that data is the key to unlocking programmatic advertising for advertisers and brands of all sizes. Previously it’s been show buying, now it can be as easy as targeting a topic, or phrase.

Both PodcastDb and Sonnant will be in Denver for Podcast Movement 2023, so get in touch and get your show on the directory.

About Sonnant

Sonnant uses AI & ML to transform audio into data for the digital era. The Sonnant platform transforms broadcast, podcast, radio and streaming audio into data. This data is delivered into industry-wide cases to power monetisation and delivery workflow automation at every stage of the audio publishing lifecycle.

About Podcast Db provides one of the world’s largest databases of podcasts for a podcast advertiser. It contains information about over 2.6 million podcasts. can be used to find new podcasts to for a podcast advertiser on and can be integrated into ad buying systems via API.

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