Podcast monetisation and management done right and efficiently with Sonnant.

Digital Automation, Management + Monetisation all rolled into one intuitive Platform

Today, podcasting is one of the fastest-growing content mediums. Yet monetisation and profitability remain a constant battle.

So, instead of leveraging this tremendous growth, you and your team are stuck managing most tasks manually. Your archives sit untagged, unsearchable and therefore untouched. Repackaging takes hours. Customer reporting takes even longer.

Let’s just say costs are higher than they should be, time is wasted and opportunities are missed. 

Sonnant has built a platform that seamlessly solves these industry wide-problems.

Trusted by the best global content companies

Sonnant – a new industry standard for efficient podcasting workflows.

Monetisation – Brand safe and suitable Smart ad-markers. Increases revenue for new shows and all your archives, and deliver consistency across your shows.

Promotion – Effortless audiograms, snippets and teasers automatically created and selected at scale for targeted, and relevant, social media posting 24×7.

Sponsor management – Automated reporting of brands, sponsors and partners. Precise measurement and contextual insights that drive share-of-wallet and new sales.

Workflow efficiency – Replace low-value manual tasks with AI automation and save time and money. Improve speed, accuracy and insights at low cost.

Digital Asset Management made easy with Sonnant

“Sonnant’s monetisation features are a revolution for podcasting. The easy clipping and automated midroll ads creates endless opportunities to optimise content, in a few clicks. And sponsor mentions reports are done in minutes. With precise metrics. This immediately translates into more advertising opportunities, at higher scale."

Bryan Barletta, Founder, Sounds Profitable