6 actual reasons why podcasting is a great advantage for your business

Podcasting is a must-have for any business as part of your content marketing. Your business will always benefit from a podcast series as it’s always-on content, can fill all your marketing funnels – and is a great way to share your business’s unique offering to the market. But the biggest reason to produce a podcast for your business is that when someone listens to your podcast, while they might be on their computer, they’re more likely listening via their smartphone or smart speaker which means they’re listening to your content and they’re more likely to hear the message that you’re sharing — 3.4x more than video. 

Before we dive into the six best podcasting tips for your business; a one-minute deep dive into why podcasting for your business is essential to growing your business.

Podcasting is now really an essential element of any content marketing strategy. It is a complementary stream of content that should dovetail into blogs, socials, snips, clips and overall customer engagement. Content marketing is the creation of valuable, original, content to attract, acquire and engage your audience(s). This is the way you / your organisation can tell your stories. 

Today’s consumers demand creative, relevant and compelling content from all brands, especially those that are important to themselves. Podcast marketing fits this requirement by crafting impactful content and optimising its distribution across a wide range of channels and customer touchpoints, engaging specific market segments at precise points in the buying process.

Here are 6 reasons why podcasting is great for your business.

Trustworthy – build brand preference – Podcasts make you a trusted source of information and education, strengthening buying preference through relationships. People buy from relatable companies. 

Intimate messagingAuthentic – Podcasting is an intimate medium. People connect with the voices who give them good information. This builds trust with clients and relationships with your community. 

Low-cost distribution – reach more for less – One podcast can create over 25 pieces of indexable content, driving people into, and through, your sales funnel. An audience of thousands can be reached for next to nothing! 

Massive reach – build brand awareness – 93% of buying cycles start with an online search. When content is shared on social platforms, it scores relevance, ranking highly on search. It creates “free” organic awareness and a very interested audience. 

Sales transformation – Educate first – sell second – By creating customers’ value from your heart, helping them grow by giving them something that they would pay for, it builds trust, your most powerful sales tool. 

Supercharged content on – multiple platforms – Content is so critical because people care about their own problems much more than they care about your products. When you capture your company’s expertise and package it up to help your prospects do their jobs, you earn people’s attention instead of simply assuming you’ll get it. Content also fuels the three most important weapons in the B2B and B2C marketing arsenal

Once you have committed to a podcast, you will know that these 6 reasons why podcasting is for your business are real and measurable too.  Think about this:

Search – If you don’t rank on your keywords, you won’t get the traffic. Great podcast content propels you up the search rankings. 

Social – Podcast content gives you something to bring to the social party – you don’t want to engage empty-handed, do you? 

Outbound – It may be out of fashion but outbound is about to make a comeback. Content gives you an offer for your outbound calls-to-action, driving up response rates. 

Each day, your audience is hammered by marketing by over 2,500 messages a day. How do you cut through? At its heart, good podcasting elevates your brand above these messages and connects with your audience. Moreover, good podcasting drives customer actions through engagement. 

Why is podcasting the fuel for customer engagement and how is it different?

  • PERSONAL TOUCH – You engage your buyers and audience on their own terms, creating personas that resonate. 
  • A CONTINUOUS NARRATIVE – Your organisation has a story and evolving it throughout a customer’s journey doesn’t feel like selling at all. 
  • PURPOSE AND FIT – Content fits within each of your channels to market (e.g., web, social) and has a clear purpose and call to action. 
  • MEASURABLE – Content created once, and repurposed many times, can be tracked, analysed and measured against KPIs. 
  • LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY – Modern content can be created in a rapid, efficient manner without loss of quality – it is highly effective. 

In short, content is what makes the B2B and B2C worlds go round. If you’re not getting good at content, prepare to lose market share or miss incredible reach at a low cost. 

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