Generative Audio AI : Sonnant’s top 7 best ways to unlock a wealth of new revenue

Generative Audio AI : Welcome to another exciting dive into the world of audio technology. In this instalment of Sounds Profitable’s Quick Hit, we have Tony Simmons from Sonnant, a trailblazing platform that’s transforming the way we interact with audio content. Get ready to explore the cutting-edge realm of generative audio ai content and how AI can revolutionise your audio assets.

Generative Audio AI with Sonnant: Bridging the Gap between Audio and Data

Before we delve into the depths of generative audio ai content, let’s get to know Sonnant a bit better. At its core, Sonnant is a platform that ingeniously converts audio into data. This data isn’t just for cataloging purposes; it’s a versatile tool that automates workflows across the audio publishing lifecycle. Additionally, Sonnant assists in boosting revenue for advertisers by harnessing this data to identify optimal advertising opportunities within new content.

But here’s where it gets fascinating – enter generative AI. Sonnant’s generative AI takes your audio inventory and transforms it into an entirely new dimension of possibilities. Imagine having access to every snippet of audio from your favorite old-school radio shows or podcasts. With generative AI, you can weave together these fragments to create fresh, engaging content. Tony uses the example of Casey Kasem’s iconic Top 40 hits radio show. You could effortlessly compile all the moments where Casey talked about a particular band, say, The Beatles, and create a new show dedicated to The Beatles’ American Top 40 hits. The possibilities are endless.

A Unified Repository of Audio Gold

Sonnant’s power lies in its ability to work seamlessly for both buyers and publishers. Regardless of your specific goals, the platform offers a wealth of data. If you’re a publisher, you’ll find a treasure trove of information from various shows you’ve gathered over the years. From historical archives to contemporary content, Sonnant’s unified repository allows you to use generative audio ai extract value from every piece of audio.

Generative AI Unleashed

Generative Audio AI takes this concept to the next level. It’s like having an assistant that helps you piece together content puzzles effortlessly. Not only can you repackage old content for new audiences, but you can also create derivative works that resonate with today’s listeners. The best part? You don’t need to worry about talent fees because the archived voices do the talking for you.

Unlocking the Generative Potential

Sonnant makes the process user-friendly. You can directly upload audio or video files, provide an RSS feed, or share a YouTube URL. With this, not only can you repurpose your content, but you can also use AI to curate and extract key moments in history. For instance, imagine creating a documentary about The Beatles and using their chart-topping moments as anchors in your narrative. Sonnant’s AI allows you to mine and stitch together these critical points in history, giving you a unique edge in content creation.

Voice Recognition and Labeling

One of Sonnant’s standout features is its voice recognition and labeling capabilities. You can assign speaker names to content, allowing you to easily identify and retrieve relevant clips. Whether it’s Lewis Hamilton’s iconic speeches or an influencer’s insights, you can find precisely what you’re looking for. Sonnant even suggests speaker labels, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.

Privacy and Data Silos

It’s crucial to note that Sonnant maintains data privacy and security. Each client’s data is kept in a silo, ensuring there’s no overlap or intermingling of information. While there’s potential to create a library of voice signatures down the line, rest assured that your data remains confidential and separate from others’.

Monitoring Sentiment and Brand Mentions

For buyers, Sonnant provides a powerful tool to monitor sentiment and brand mentions across the audio landscape. You can track how podcasters are talking about your brand before and after your advertising campaigns. It’s like having a media monitor that keeps you updated on how your brand is perceived in the audio world. Plus, you can identify emerging trends and influencers, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

A Gateway to Creative Possibilities

Sonnant isn’t just about data; it’s a gateway to creative possibilities. You can use generative audio AI to find organic endorsements of your brand in user-generated content. Imagine leveraging these endorsements to create compelling ads or content for various channels. Sonnant makes the process cost-effective, helping you unlock new creative horizons.

AI as a Companion, Not a Replacement

In conclusion, AI, particularly generative audio AI, is a game-changer in the audio industry. It’s not here to replace humans but to complement our creative endeavours. With Sonnant, you can automate the mundane tasks and focus on what truly matters – crafting exceptional audio experiences.

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