Why Sounds Profitable loves Sonnant

If you are in broadcast or podcasting, anywhere around the world, you probably know of Bryan Barletta and his incredible podcast ad-tech weekly newsletter.

Sounds Profitable was founded by Bryan Barletta, an experienced professional who has over 13 years in the ad technology space, including tenure at podcast companies Megaphone and Claritas.

Sounds Profitable is a respected voice in the industry ad the list of big-name sponsors can attest to it.

The newsletter covers both the tactical and strategic challenges and changes to the business of podcasting, from podcast ad-tech to the operations of running a podcast-focused business. Sounds Profitable has the goal to educate and empower the podcasting industry at all levels. And, what a great job they do!

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But, this is not just a plug. We want to share with you why one of the most important podcast commentators and professionals loves Sonnant. We took a moment to ask Bryan the key questions and record his answers. It makes for interesting reading for anyone in podcasting and podcast advertising:

Why does Sounds Profitable use transcripts?

Sounds Profitable uses transcripts primarily for accessibility, as even one more person finding out about Sounds Profitable is worth it for me. Everything we do is meant to be leading by example, and organic growth from putting that into action is honestly a fantastic side effect. It’s incredibly easy and affordable to start with AI and can be easily improved by a quick eye giving it a once over.

Why is Sonnant’s searchable library so great?

We put out so much content. Every week we put out two podcasts that don’t exist in written format. Our value comes from connecting old content and new content together so that people can continue to learn as much as possible about how this space works. So when writing a new article, being able to search through podcast-only content to link to is incredibly valuable.

How easily can Sonnant help with monetisation?

Publishers and networks that can confidently speak to all aspects of their inventory, especially contextually and categorically, have a huge advantage when it comes to winning advertising campaigns. As the space matures, exploring those values not only for the entire episode or show but down to the content surrounding the ad break, will be an exciting way to truly optimize the brand to the content association.

What else do you love about Sonnant?

Contextualization will be the key to podcasting’s future. So much can be learned from the content of a podcast and the industry leapfrogged over it because it wasn’t the lowest hanging fruit. But now that fruit is ripe, and I believe companies like Sonnant that focus on this level of identification will be what provide podcasters with a fresh perspective on how to represent and monetize their content in the years to come. The only thing podcasters own is their episode, so why wouldn’t they want to own the transcript as well?

sounds profitable

There you have it, from industry leaders all around the world, Sonnant is an invaluable tool kit powered by AI that customers and professionals in podcasting love.

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