How Sonnant Works

Discover how Sonnant’s game-changing AI can transform your content strategy, creativity and distribution.

Sign Up to Sonnant

Welcome to Sonnant. Today we’re going to teach you how to create an account and jump straight in.

Sign Into Sonnant

Here is how to Sign into your Sonnant account.

Uploading Content to Sonnant

How to upload content to your Sonnant library.

Managing Your Account Settings and Preferences

You may need to manage your Sonnant account settings and preferences.

Adding and Managing Users

How to control the process of adding and managing users within your Sonnant account.

Add Sonnant to Support

If you have a support issue and need us to help you diagnose the problem, you need to invite us along. Here's how.

What Assets Are Created Inside Each Content Item?

Once you get inside a content item you can explore a range of automatically created assets.

Content Item Menu

Sonnant was designed for managing content and helping you promote it really easily.

Navigating Your Content Library

There’s a lot of very useful controls that Sonnant can help you navigate your content in this library.

Search Your Content Library

One of the things that sets Sonnant apart is its ability to search through every single word of an audio or video file that you’ve uploaded. So let's check it out.

Creating and Editing Transcripts on Sonnant

Sonnant turns the spoken word, voice and video into a Transcript within any uploaded content item.

Creating and Editing Captions and Caption Files

When you upload any content into Sonnant, it automatically creates captions for ease of use.

Using Key Terms in Sonnant

When you upload a piece of content to Sonnant, it automatically extracts all the key terms from that content and lists them down here in this bottom right section.

Creating Clips, Snippets and Audiograms - 4 Easy And Quick Methods

Sonnant is all about helping you manage and promote your content at scale faster and easier than ever before.

Posting To Social Media - Clips, Snippets and Audiograms

Sonnant enables the promotion of your voice and video content at scale. At the click of a button, you’re able to post any file or clip you make out of that file or audiogram to your main social media platforms.

Archival Revival - Using and Publishing - Content Archives

Dust off your audio and video from the archives.

Exporting and Downloading

You’ve uploaded your file, done your edits, you’re ready to Export it and use it.

Create SEO Webpages with Embedding - Auto Generate Embed Codes

Sonnant enables search engines to be able to search through every single spoken word within your video and audio files.

Sharing Content To The Sonnant Public Player

With Sonnant you can create a public version of your file, clip or audio file with the transcript intact and share it with the world very, very easily.

Speaker Identification and Naming Speakers

Sonnant automatically identifies the different speakers within a piece of content so you’re able to go in and give them names in them.

Using Sonnant Public Player

The Sonnant public player acts very much like you would expect on a video player with all the kind of tools that you’d expect for a video.

Creating Custom Vocabulary and Terms

One of the things you can do with Sonnant is improve the accuracy of the transcript and accurately transcribing unique word, not just everyday words that you want to have correct.

Creating and Using 'Applied Lists' - Air Checks

If you want to search for specific terms or phrases, credit sponsors, even brands on the transcript and quickly identify all of them, all of these terms in the places in which they are mentioned, then all you have to do is create an applied list.

Creating Mention Reports, Sponsor Mentions and Air Checks

When you want to find a person’s name, a brand, a sponsor, a theme, a topic, credits you name it, just create a mentions report / air check report.

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