G’day, we’re Sonnant,

Your content creation secret sidekick.

Our game-changing AI technology transforms your audio and video strategy, creativity and discovery so your content flourishes. We partner with creators, publishers, distributors and businesses alike to improve their content’s reach, improve their profits and save them time.

As omnichannel content distribution continues to disrupt content production we’re here to make content less complicated. Thanks to our leading AI-powered automation engine we’re discovering the context of your content while redefining the metrics and datasets to guarantee its success.

That means less mucking around with yawn-worthy tasks and more making game-changing content that scales and earns.

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Founders Story

Tony Simmons

Hi, I'm Tony

I’m a serial entrepreneur and content creator who likes solving real-world problems. I started my podcast several years ago to inspire other entrepreneurs and quickly fell in love with content creation. I love the process of creating content, meeting new people, doing interviews, and even editing audio.


The process of self-promotion was arduous. From creating audiograms, finding the most compelling snips of episodes for promotion, making videos, distributing across all social media platforms, using the right hashtags, writing snappy copy, and keeping an eye on what is trending… it all felt like grunt work. Work that could be automated to give me some of that precious time back to create, ideate, or spend time with loved ones.

That’s why I created Sonnant. Sonnant is an innovative AI-driven tool for spoken word content in audio or video format. It fast-tracks a lot of the cumbersome tasks of creating snips of content and promoting them, so you can focus more on content creation and distributing to audiences who will love it.

Sonnant was born with three main objectives in mind;

  1. Automate low-value tasks
  2. Align audiences with better content
  3. Take back my weekends

As the world grows and content demands increase, Sonnant is the best toolbox to create more time for creative ideation and to worry less about the execution of your content strategy.

Content discovery for the spoken word is the way of the future.

Whoever you are,
However big your scale,
Sonnant makes your content work for you.

Tony Simmons

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