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Improving the reach and revenue of digital content

Sonnant is the unison between a podcaster / content marketing founder’s desire to better leverage long-form content, and a data science team that knows how to extract and activate voice metadata to achieve these goals.

Our game-changing AI technology is used by customers all over the world to increase the advertising yield of long form audio and video content.

As omnichannel content distribution continues to disrupt digital content’s journey, our automation transforms your content into targeted clips, snippets and audiograms that increase engagement on social / promotional channels, driving greater dwell time, impressions and downloads.

We work with customers who aspire to better manage and monetise the performance and output of their audio and video content.

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Founding team

Through the years

Hi, we're Sonnant

Sonnant was founded in Melbourne in Australia. With just a small team and an ambitious vision, we set out to revolutionise spoken word audio and video with our innovative idea: “let’s turn voice into data so it can be used to drive sales, engagement and monetisation.”

From the beginning, we were determined to understand what’s in any MP3 and MP4, and make it’s journey to a screen or headphones as productive and targeted as possible.

As we grew, we expanded our reach to The USA and Europe, always staying at the forefront of broadcasting and podcasting with our smart ad markers. In 2022, we grew across continents, solidifying our position as a leader in audio driven automation and advertising, and earning recognition for our expertise in content metadata creation.

Today, we are proud to be a global company, serving customers around the world. We may have taken a unique path to get here, but it’s what makes us who we are: Sonnant. We hope you will join us on this journey as we continue to push the boundaries and make a difference in the world of managing and monetising digital content.

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