The narrative of all sports audio and video content is the spoken word.

Sporting content competes for sponsorship dollars and fan engagement on a global playing field: live, podcasts, streaming, on-demand and social media. 

And, it’s not just the rights holders that have the most to gain. Fans, sponsors, partners, advertisers and athletes are all participants.

But, sporting content has suffered from analogue limitations. It is slow and manual to create and process, making it expensive), it has poor attribution for sponsors, search and discovery is nascent and targeting is super-complicated.

Sonnant was created to help sporting content outperform, raising the bar of how far content can reach, and how much more it can be monetised.

Engage your fans with more content, delivering your sponsors premium levels of reach and recognition.

Audio sports content can be better monetised and targeted with Sonnant. 

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With Sonnant, sports rights holders and sporting bodies can monetise their content, increase their reach and streamline their management process.

You’ll soon be able to streamline your content management process and maximise revenue opportunities. Also, our platform allows you to leverage your archive content, enabling you to gain new revenue streams from previously recorded audio and video content. Make more assets for less and improve your workflow pace.

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