Content library management: secure, scalable, shareable content archives

Automated tagging of all content including topics, people, places & organisations. A searchable, time-stamped, transcribed, captioned, summarised content library – accessible via any web browser.

In the past, your content, once promoted would sit on a metaphorical dusty digital shelf. Your ability to leverage content was limited to your human resources and your desire to wade through hours of archival audio or video footage to find what you need.

Not any more.

Run your content through Sonnant and every item is tagged with keywords, topics, people, places, organisations and more. Every item is time stamped to the mili second, transcribed, captioned, summaries and kept in a secure, scalable, shareable content library accessible via any web browser.

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Sonnant – a cost effective, searchable & scaleable content archive.

Sonnant is the new industry standard for archiving

Any clip / snippet / audio gram you create stays with the original file so you have complete provenance of these items.

Want to monetise your library? You can easily find a path to license your content as it is easy to search, embed. Anyone can find what they are looking for. Enable SEO for every item so it can be indexed and crawled by search engines – paywall & viola!

Want to leverage old content when it’s relevant? We call it Archival Revival – Just upload and Sonnant will proactively notify you when an item or part of an item is trending, or relevant. Perfect to re-ignite historical news items / commerotive items, or building new audiences by using organic social posts to acquire new viewers / listeners / followers / subscribers.

Already have a platform or CMS? Perfect, link Sonnant with your 3rd party platform and all of the tagged data / digital assets can flow back into existing systems with improved metadata, improved search, and a future proof your platforms for modern digital practices.

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You don’t need 1000s of hours to make Sonnant work – if you have a small content archive that you want to leverage sign up and try Sonnant now, the short and long-term benefits will always exceed Sonnant’s costs.

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Some of our delighted customers & industry leaders

“I love using Sonnant with our podcast. The tool is accurate and quick making life so much easier for me! Sonnant also made podcast discovery and promotion much easier with everything I needed within the tool. A huge time saver for me as well!”
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Maryanne Cidoni
Marketing Executive
“We were delighted when Sonnant’s tech outperformed several ‘off the shelf’ products we pitted it against in testing.”
Chris Johnson
Head of Digital & Innovation, Southern Cross Austereo

Engage Video Marketing Podcast

“You can very quickly clip your main content and then just publish it off to a platform. I think that’s a time saver and game changer alone” – Ben Amos

The Experts Blueprint

“If you have a bank of content you can just find it really quickly… archival revival… you can put something out 12 months ago, but then also put it out again. ” – The Experts Blueprint

Pod Nation

“Sonnant wants to give you your weekends back by saving time creating captions and clips to share for your podcast!” – PodNation

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Improve your cadence of promotion across key media platforms - quickly, accurately & regularly.

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SEO, SEM, Creative, Social – tools to support your workflows & value for your clients.

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Secure, scalable, shareable content library. Automated tagging including topics, people & places.

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Supporting better decisions about what moves the needle for your customers & audiences.

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