Ad marker automation – Sounds Profitable Deep Dive with Sonnant – 4 use cases on why you need smart ad markers.

It was amazing for our CEO Tony Simmons to discus Smart Ad Marker automation with Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable.

Here is the summary of this ad marker automation episode:

“Welcome to another episode of Deep Dive, where we dive deep into Sonnant’s smart ad marker automation product. In today’s episode we’re going to dig into the Sonnant platform and specifically the smart ad suite. Sonnant is a cloud-based platform that turns audio content into structured, data driven and contextualised advertising via voice, text and video. Today’s guest Tony Simmons, CEO of Sonnant joins us to talk about his vision for Sonnant, the platform and the smart ads product.”

In this episode, Tony Simmons, CEO of Sonnant, explains how the Sonnant platform’s Smart smart ad marker automation uses smart ad marker technology to drive monetisation and content management for podcast, radio, and video. The platform’s command center can turn voice into data that can be used for multiple capabilities. The technology creates metadata, which is used for content searching, ad marker creation, and driving data into any data-driven platform or system.

Smart ad marker automation use cases

One use case for the Sonnant platform is the smart ad marker automation of smart ad markers. This feature removes the need for producers to manually find and mark ad placements in their content. The Smart Ad Suite looks at factors like sentiment, energy, and laughter, among others, to determine the best ad placement. It also automatically scores each break and tells producers where to place their ads, reducing the inaccuracies and inconsistencies that often come with manual ad placement.

The second use case for the Sonnant platform is experimentation. Sonnant’s low costs allow producers to experiment with different ad placement profiles easily. Producers can try different ad marker frequencies and change ad profiles after thirty days, making it easy to measure and track listener engagement. By using automation and taking feedback from listeners, Sonnant’s customers can experiment and increase revenue quickly.

Use case three is about content optimisation. Sonnant’s smart ad suite can analyse and transcribe podcast episodes, creating a detailed metadata that allows producers to identify key moments in their content. They can then use this information to optimise their content and create more engaging experiences for their listeners.

For example, a podcast producer may discover that their audience is particularly engaged during a certain segment of their show. They can use this information to create more content around that topic or even spin it off into a separate series. By using Sonnant’s platform, producers can gain valuable insights into their audience’s behaviour and preferences, allowing them to create more compelling and engaging content.

The fourth use case for Sonnant is reclaiming outdated inventory by updating expired ads (or insert markers and mid-rolls on inventory with no ads) with new markers. This allows businesses to easily replace old ads with new ones, without having to manually sift through and delete each outdated ad, or re-listen to hundreds of episodes and inserting new markers. By doing so, businesses can potentially unlock revenue streams from existing content, as well as increase impressions and clicks. Sonnant’s platform makes this process seamless and cost-effective, allowing businesses to generate revenue from their existing content with minimal effort.

Overall, the Sonnant platform’s Smart Ad Suite is a game-changer for producers who want to monetise their content effectively and efficiently. Its smart ad marker technology takes the pain out of manual ad placement and allows producers to experiment with different ad profiles quickly and easily.

If you want to watch the original episode, you can do so on the Sounds Profitable website by clicking here.

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